Qualified trainers index

The following trainers offer TeamUp based sessions. These trainers have all been pre-qualified to ensure session quality.

If a trainer is not yet available in your region or field feel free to contact us to help you find an appropriate solution.

Alexander de Haan and Suzan Valstar facilitate team improvement and team design sessions using TeamUp. Together we can improve the cooperation in your teams and fit the team design to the team task. This increases your overall team output and makes your teamwork more enjoyable.

Website URL: https://livingmotion.nl/seriousgaming/

Signature Games (www.signaturegames.eu) is an interdisciplinary centre of expertise and experience for academic research and professional applications of simulation-gaming, serious gaming and 3D virtual (game) worlds for purposes such as complex policy-making, organizational decision-making, management, learning and training. Signature games is an independent company since 2014 (previously part of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands).

Signature games’ CEO and founder, dr. Igor Mayer, has been involved in the development of TeamUp. Igor is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, moderator and trainer in the area of game-based learning. He has used TeamUp in many training sessions in the Netherlands, in Europe and Asia. He is also leading the TeamUp validation research.

Website URL: http://www.signaturegames.eu

Henk Korevaar (The Netherlands) is a 'Nomad Worker' and founder (1991) and owner of F-fectis – a networking organisation for innovation and change - and the author of a dozen books on topics such as team-building, project-management, costs and effects of (IT) projects as well as innovation modeling and implementation of New Ways of Working. He is frequently invited to design and facilitate interactive (sometimes hybrid) workshops for (international) groups of up to 200 participants. He is an associate of SpringAge in South Africa.

Website URL: http://www.ffectis.nl

Website URL: https://www.itmg.nl

Getting on this list

To be listed on this page you must first become a qualied TeamUp trainer. If you are interested in this we recommend contacting us.

TIAS is the internationally renowned business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. Within TIAS, the Company Specific Programs (CSP) Division develops state-of-the-art management & leadership development programs. TIAS CSP learning and development experts use a variety of interventions (blended learning) to optimize learning and organizational impact. TeamUp is used as an intervention on team and communication effectiveness in several programs. For more information, please contact Myrna Vinkenburg (m.vinkenburg@tias.edu / +31 6 27832683).

Website URL: http://www.tias.edu